Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Show, kits, and mono?

No, the mono isn't me. DD#2 has mono but she is trying to keep up with her classes as best she can.  The joys of communal living. She called me last week complaining of severe fatigue and  tummy ache. The tummy is better but the fatigue lingers. She made a trip to the student health center where they took blood and gave her some antacids. Her question to me was how is that gonna help me with being tired? Poor baby... I hate that she is so far away and I can't be there to take care of her. Hopefully she will feel better soon.

The Internaionl Quilt Festival preview night is tomorrow night so the boss will be there today setting up the booth. Hopefully she won't leave a long list of things to do back at the shop. Getting ready for the show has been very tiring. We have cut fabric non-stop everyday. Now I LOVE to cut fabric and I really love to cut fat quarters when new fabric comes in, but non-stop all day is a bit much even for me. LOL.  On Monday the shop is closed but we were there cutting fabric for a few hours. We finished up a few little projects and ran while we could.

I will be working at the store today, the show Friday and at the store on Saturday. After that hopefully we will have a little respite before the next event.
While I was at the shop Monday I took photos of the toothbrush rug. It is the Aunt Philly's rug pattern and I teach classes on it.

I also took photos of the first 3 mini's that I did for our "mini monthly" that we do at the shop. We do this like a BOM only instead of a block you do a mini quilt. We are doing the Patch Abilities series this year. You saw the hearts a while back. My photo of the 3rd one didn't come out so maybe next time.

I better go get ready to head off to the shop. I think the show will be fun, but I will really be glad when it is over! Hopefully I will get some photos  of the show to share with you ! Later... Happy stitching.


  1. Hope your daughter feels better soon. My son came home for the summer from college one year with mono. It was no fun for him, he was trying to work a summer job. He missed a lot of work and was just miserable. Tell her to take it easy, only do what she needs to, and get lots of rest. Mono is a nasty thing.

    The rugs are wonderful, wish I lived closer so I could take your class. The mini's are great, too. I like the bunny!

  2. Sorry to hear your daugher is ill. Hopefuly she'll be able to keep up with classes and feel better by summer.

    Like Marsha, I wish I could take your toothbrush rug class. I tried to learn from the pattern and only managed to get frustrated. One of those rugs would look perfect on my mom's kitchen floor.

    Enjoy Quilt Festival as much as it is possible when you're there to work instead of play :) -Joanne

  3. mono - that's no fun, had it at university myself, so I definitely feel for your daughter. And for you, not being close to her, and having to do all that cutting for the show! I do hope you have some time to enjoy the show.

  4. Good luck with all your prep!! I hope your daughter can get the rest that she needs and feel better soon. The rugs look fun!! :) Christine

  5. I hope your daughter feels better soon....mono can really wipe them out. Do you carry all the Patchabilities patterns in your shop? I have made some and like them, but I've not been able to get our LQS to carry them for all the seasons...and I really wanted one for each season/holiday.

  6. Pat, we did a program a couple of years ago and we still have most of the patterns. There is a pattern for every month in the program. This year we are doing a new set. If you want more info my email is on my blog.

  7. I hope your daughter feels better soon. It's hard when they are so far away. Quilts ahows are so enjoyable but one doesn't think about all the work required to put a booth together. The toothbrush rugs look terrific! What a shame you are so far away, I would love to come to some of your classes. Cheers, Ann :-)

  8. I love the rugs; wish I had one---or two! No doubt a quilt show requires a lot of work, from literally everyone involved at any level; but do try to enjoy the show! ---"Love"