Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Show is over

Sigh. The show is over and boy am I glad.  Let me back up a bit. As I mentioned a while back I was going to buy a midarm and frame from a friend from guild. Well I did. I worked until 8pm Wed night. On Thursday morning  I went to her house and we took the frame apart so that it was in sections that could be transported. When we were almost done I called DH and he rented a van from Home Depot and came over and loaded it up. We got home and unloaded it. I rested for a while then started to put it back together. DH was helping me get the machine onto the frame and he was on one side I on the other. He says "what is dragging?" So I move forward to see, trip over the other part of the frame, fall and in the process bend one section of the frame. (Not to mention serious bruises on my leg, arm and hand). Have I mentioned that I am a bit of a klutz? I don't think I need to tell you how upset I was. My DD#2 is helping me look for a replacment part. Until then it is just a large mess.

Moving on... Our booth at the show was only a single and knowing how much merchandise we took  I did not take my camera. Good thing too, because there was barely room to squeeze in my purse. The booth looked great and I had a really good time being at the show. The only bad part about working the show is that you don't actually see the show. Well my plan was to go back on Sunday and see the quilts. I woke up on Sunday with a severe neck ache and headache.I have disc issues in my neck and it doesn't take much to get it in a knot, literally. Needless to say, I did not get back to the show.  Some blogging buddies of mine did get photos and posted them so if you would like to see some quilts check out A Sentimental Quilter and Pieceful News blogs. ( I follow them so you can just click and go). The boss was going to take photos of the booth so I will try and get one to share later. It was the last time that Chicago will hve the show. Next year it will be in Cinncinati. Word is that Chicago is too expensive.

BTW just want to thank you all for your well wishes for my daughter, she is on the mend  and is feeling much better than a week ago. She was able to keep up with her classes for the most part so that is good.

I can't report any progress on my quilting projects this last week, but I will be back at it as soon as I rest up.

Happy stitching everyone


  1. My first thought when you said you fell was that you hurt yourself in a way that would prevent you from quilting. I'm glad that you only suffered bruises, but how frustrating that your new quilting frame is bent. I hope you get a replacement part soon. Now I'm off to see pictures of the show!

  2. Sorry about the damage to your new quilt frame. *sigh* I hope the new part can be found for it. Sorry, too, that you didn't get to see the show and enjoy it with how you felt by the end of it. GOOD news, though, that your daughter is doing well.

  3. First things first, hope your neck is better and the headache is gone? Hurray for your daughter getting better too!

    Don't know how much of the original paperwork your friend had to go with the Mega Quilter and frame, but you definitely need to join the Viking and Pfaff quilting groups on Yahoo. The "owner" (crispy1104) of the Viking group is also a shop owner and I would lay odds that she knows exactly where you can get the part/parts. I considered the purchase at one time and joined both groups--now I just go and look at the pics now and then. I'm sure that both groups will have good advice for you. If you need further info, just e-mail me. Good luck!

    Thanks for the info on the show moving to Cincinnati. Easier to get there and a shorter distance from Indy! Mary

  4. Hope you are feeling better, pain in the neck is tough to deal with. Glad to hear your daughter is feeling better, too. Sorry to hear about your quilt frame. It is so disappointing when something new and exciting comes along, then something happens to delay getting to use it. Hope you find the part you need and you are back to quilting soon. My sister was planning to go to the show. She lives in Bloomington and she and a friend were going to drive up for it. I'm jealous, it sounds like a really nice show to see.

  5. Hope everything works out with the frame and your neck and bruises. I really am sorry that I missed the show. I didn't have anyone to go with this year. I have done the show by myself, but didn't want to this year. My DH offered, but I told him I wouldn't do that to him. He hates crowds and it's just too big of a show. I'm sorry they are moving it to Cincinnati, but alot of shows are moving out of Chicago because of the expense.

    Thanks for the comments on my baby quilt and diaper bag. No I didn't design the bag. It's a Clareablla bag I believe. The pattern was a little hard to follow, but it worked out OK. I am going to quilt it on the diagnonal and bind it in the dk blue. Before I do that I need to come up with a great label. Thanks, Connie204

  6. Oh no! I do hope you are feeling better, very quickly. I also hope you are able to find the parts you need, and have no problems getting them installed and your frame up and working. It will be fun to quilt on!
    You've had a very busy time lately, do take care and I hope you get some quiet time for yourself,

  7. What a disappointment! And what a pain --- in your neck! I'm so sorry to hear about both! Hope both problems are resolved soon! ---"Love"

  8. Oh Beth, how awful. Bruises and a bent frame. I'm so pleased that the show was such a success. You really put your body on the line for quilting. Hope you are feeling better real soon. Ann :-)

  9. Hope all gets well for you soon. I know about knotts for no reason. As for the quilt frame...ouch! Hopefully you will be able to get that fixed soon;) I will check out the photos of the show asap;)
    Happy Quilting!!