Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 UFO Busting

Two years ago I happened onto the Pat Sloan quilting forum and I have had so much fun every since then.  So much quilty inspiration. Pat has challenged us to bust some of those UFOs. She will be giving tips along the way.
I pulled out all of those UFOs.

I looked at each and every one of them. I knew that I no longer loved all of those projects, but I just could not seem to part with any of them. I realized that my UFOs were starting to impact my desire to sew. I was just feeling so very overwhelmed that I just moved projects from place to place and stopped making progress.  Something had to go.
Projects barely started like this tree of life class I took. Way too fussy for me and I know it will never progress from this point so out it went.

BOM from Joann's years ago. I quilted the pieced blocks and stopped. I have looked at this so many times and concluded that while I like all the colors and even the blocks. I just don't want to finish it. Bye bye.

A speaker at guild showed these fantastic animal quilts. I bought the Westie pattern. I pulled fabrics. Much later I prepped the fabrics and put them back in the bag. I know mine will never look as beautiful as hers did, normally that doesn't bother me, but this time it did. Outta here.

The guild is collecting scraps for resale (as a fund raiser) in conjunction with our quilt show this year. I have a stack of fabric for them. I don't mind sharing fabric. I don't mind donating fabric. Just can't toss it out.
Ended up with this bin of completed tops with backings.

This is quilt tops that still need backs and batting.

A not full bin of projects started that I do want to finish.

WIP (works in progress, like current BOM do not count as UFOs.) Unstarted projects do not count either. Lucky for me.
My tally:
8 quilts that need to be bound
29 that are completed tops, need to be quilted
2 applique pieces that need blanket stitching
18 projects in various stages of completion that I do want to finish
I do have 13 WIP.
I have 90 projects not started, and 35 wool projects not started.

I will not even get into all the cross stitch, needlepoint, punch needle, and knitting projects. I do have to go through those too.

Do you feel better now about your UFOs? :)
Happy stitching


  1. Oooooh! I'm really tired already! Good luck! ---"Love"

  2. I like the part where you list all the projects not started!! I have a lot of those too...we will never be bored!

  3. You and I both will never run out of projects to work on!

  4. Yep, sure do. That's a mind blowing number of projects but it seems you have a plan to finish them. Not so overwhelming now.

  5. Wow. I would be overwhelmed too! Good for you sorting through it all and letting go. xx

  6. This reminds me why I don't want to start any new projects this year. I sure hope I can make progress on my UFOs! Good luck with yours. I think the work from your shop has put you behind. You can blame them - Hee Hee!

  7. You certainly moved a lot of things out of the way. Someone else is going to enjoy finishing them and it will help the guild, too. Still sounds like lots of projects to keep you busy, have fun working on them! Can't wait to see some finishes!

  8. Oh my! I'm overwhelmed and they aren't even mine...but it sounds like you have a plan. A plan always helps me make progress and enjoy things more

  9. Looks like you made good progress whittling things down a bit. Will we see lots of progress reports and finishes this year? Your cheering section is ready to go!

  10. I do not feel so bad having 5 quilts that need the binding finished, not sure how many tops yet as I am still counting. I may be in the running with you or have a few more once I get done counting.

  11. Good for you! Want to feel like you are moving things along at a good pace? Start by working on the project requiring the least work while putting some time into one that requires a lot of work! The quick finish will keep you going and the work on the other will get you that much closer! This is a mind game but it works! Ask me how I know!


  12. I feel MUCH better! I think I may have one wall-hanging size top in my stash, and one lap-quilt size (which, now that I think of it, would go very well with our current living room colour scheme), along with a zillion fat quarters and scraps (I can't throw fabric out either). And never mind the other fabric scraps I keep - though the old jeans and the fleece bits do come in handy for patches and small projects.

    Wow, your WIP list is quite impressive. If the power ever goes out in winter, you can just pile them up around you and stay warm that way. :)

    Good work on letting go of the things you know you won't finish.

  13. Wow, I do feel better about my UFO's! But fantastic job going through it all and getting rid of those that you know you won't finish! And good luck on your WIPs! Looks like you won't be bored for awhile! :)
    Kate :}