Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So much fun

Yesterday  I had the pleasure of meeting Ruth from Country Log Cabin in person!  She took more pictures than I did ( you know me and the camera) and she posted them on her blog. She came to my house and we took off to do a mini shop hop. I wanted to show her some of my favorite places. Here we are in Pieceful Gatherings.

We had lunch at the Brunch Cafe near one of the shops. The food there is so good. I know we both got more than we could finish. It was hard to eat because we just had so much to talk about.

I wanted to post about our wonderful day. I had so much fun meeting Ruth and getting to talk her ear off. LOL. I hope I get to meet more of my blogging buddies someday.

I need to get going cause the DD is moving tomorrow and we have a ton of stuff to get done.

Happy Stitching


  1. How lucky you both are. Quilt shops and lunch!


  2. I'm so glad the two of you got to meet and spend time together. Isn't it wonderful how our addiction to quilts and quilting just draws us together? Ruth and Jennifer and I had such a good time together here in Texas; what fun it must be to get to meet a blogger/quilter from another state! ---"Love"

  3. Thanks again for a wonderful day! I'm really itching to get home so I can get more quilting done! And I really am going to look for a good applique project.

  4. I got to meet Ruth last summer- she is a dear!!

  5. It is so exciting to know you two got together and shop, talk and enjoy good food. What a special day for you both!

  6. That's fantastic that you had the chance to meet and share time together. Ann :-)