Sunday, May 8, 2011

Playing catch up

Happy Mother's Day to all. This morning the Assisted living home where my Mom lives was having a brunch. My Dad, my sister, and my niece and I went over and we had a nice meal and a chance to be together, I took my Mom some pink roses and she loved them.

I  have been trying to get some projects done that need to be mailed out. ( A couple of them a while ago).
Does your family seem to have babies in bunches? My cousin had another son. Another cousin has a new grandson. The newest baby was born in Feb., another grandson for a different cousin. My DD#1 asked me if I was going to make a quilt for her friend' new baby.   Sure. Why not?   Next up another baby, bridal showers, and a wedding. I am never going to catch up.

I slowly got these bound: This one is going to California. It is a cute panel just bordered and quilted with a meander.

This one is for my daughters friend. I made it from a Pure charm pack and a bit of yardage. JoAnn Fabrics had a sale on the minkee-like stuff and this one and the next one have that on the back.

This one is for the newest arrival. He is about 8 weeks now.

I still have one ready to quilt, but I had to search the stash for something to use on the back.

I finished this block. It is the pattern that I won from Humble quilts. I am doing it as a block of the month.

I was able to resist the block of the month that we are doing at the shop this year. I have way to many things in topsville waiting to be quilted. I am trying to work on UFOs and getting my tops quilted. I really like the colors that the boss is using for the BOM though...... so hard to resist.  I am starting a BOM next week with a friend at a different shop. I will show you the pattern when I pick it up.

I better get quilting. ;)
Have a great week.


  1. I love the baby quilts! That's what I'm working on, too. I have the "new baby's" quilt done, except for a label and an "I Spy" quilt for the big brother ready to quilt. Your eagle block is wonderful, love it, too!

  2. Really cute baby quilts! Your applique on the eagle looks really great! ---"Love"

  3. Love the eagle! You have been really busy and it doesn't look like it's going to let up too soon. More babies on the way!


  4. Babies come in bunches for me too. In a way it's better though, because I can get into baby quilt mode and whip through a few at a time. Your baby quilts are great. Three lucky little ones will be warmed with those soon!

  5. Wow! You are getting a lot of sewing done. The quilts are fabulous!!
    I love the eagle block! Nice work.

  6. I love the baby quilts! (I might have to break down and order some Pure fabric.) The applique is lovely, too. There is definitely a baby boom going on.


  7. Fabulous quilts! Your BOM is great too. Ann :-)