Monday, January 24, 2011

Cold hurts

I have been having lots of joint pain in this colder-than-normal weather we have been having. I can usually get my hands working but my hip is just not cooperating. It is the right hip so that is my driving and sewing hip.  Sadly I am not very coordinated, so sewing with my left foot, really really hard.  How long til spring?

Since I haven't been on the machine for a bit I have been doing some hand work. I have been stitching on my 'Over the River' by Crabapple Hill. I am still on the first of three panels, but nearly done. Of course I ran out of floss and my local Jo-Ann was out of the color I needed.  Will have to see if they restocked by now.
This is the panel I am working on:

This is the pattern:

I made a couple of cowls while I was not sewing. One I made right after Christmas, it is from Ravelry and is a free pattern

the second one I made over the week end and it is from the winter issue of 'knitsimple'.

Before the hip stopped me from using the machine, I finished the Snowbound top. Yes!!

I also made a mini for a group at the shop. It is from the book  'Country Threads goes to Charm School'. It is a really cute book, check it out if you can.

The hubby is getting cabin fever sitting around with his broken foot. I might have to take him out somewhere. Really hard to be out in the ice and snow on crutches. I told him last night that I would put his snow pants on and he could play outside with the dogs. He was NOT amused. LOL.

Happy stitching all


  1. Your poor DH! Hope his foot heals fast. I love the Over the River pattern. I have their red Christmas pattern - forget the name of it off hand. One of these days, maybe I'll start on the embroidery.

  2. A broken foot for the hubby and a bad hip for you? I hope you're both feeling better soon. The embroidery is really pretty, as are the quilts and those cowls look like they will help keep you warm in this nasty weather.

  3. I know how that cold can stop progress dead in its tracks;( I'll try and send some of the warmer weather we have been having your way;) I love the snowman quilt!! And the Over the River quilt is going to be wonderful;) The hubby's aren't easily amused when they are out of commision like that;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  4. It sounds like you have accomplished a lot in spite of the achy joints. I have arthritis in my hands, so I know what you are talking about. I like the cowls, and all your quilty projects are lovely. Hope your weather soon improves.


  5. Pain pills are a godsend, even if they are only ibuprofen. Hope you both feel better fast. Love the "Over the River" stitcheries. Are they still available on the websight? Crabapple Hill has some really love ones and I don't know how I missed that one. And your "Snowbound" is just fantastic. Love the red and the irish chain. Hopefully, spring isn't too far away!


  6. Oh my! A broken foot is no fun; I can confirm that! Neither is an achy hip; been there too!
    I wouldn't recommend going out on the ice! I'm ready for some warmer weather too, but we haven't had it like you have, thank goodness! Your stitcheries all are so nice! Wish I had a cowl like that green one! Take care! ---"Love"

  7. I certainly hope that you two start feeling better soon. It's no fun to have broken anything, been there. Your panels are so pretty, and I really like your snowbound. It must be this really cold weather, some of us have picked up our knitting needles again and I love your cowls. Connie204

  8. You two are in bad shape Beth! I hope you both feel better soon! The answer is 8 more weeks until spring and 7 weeks until daylight savings (I'm definitely counting the days!!)
    Your projects are soooo beautiful! First, I love the knits and the colors you've chosen. I'm inspired by your snowbound blocks! Great job! That stitchery is going to be beautiful. What colors do you have planned for the surrounding blocks? Will you do it like the picture? :) Christine