Monday, June 7, 2010

Some finishes

I spent the weekend getting my BOMs ready to hand stitch. So I did lots of tracing, fusing, cutting and more fusing. I also finished the first quilt I put on my frame to quilt. I just did a pantograph. It was a panto that "came with" my machine. I will show it to you once I get it trimmed and maybe bound.

Last night I started doing some of the hand stitching on the BOMs. Did I tell you I started another one?? I menioned that I am doing Hop to IT  (the BOM at the shop I work at). My friend saw the same BOM on line from Primative Gatherings in wool. Of course we had to jump in. See how I get myself in trouble? I'm  just a girl who can't say no  ( to projects). LOL.

Today the work started on my new furnace and air conditioner. It is a two day job and I am glad that it is cool out today. I am also glad it didn't crash during the winter. It is a little easier to sweat than to freeze. That is easy to say when I am not doing either.

I have been working on my plan to finish some of the partialy completed projects stuck in every nook and cranny of my house. I framed some cross stitch pieces. (5x7)

I framed a couple of  punch needle pieces.

I also used a small piece I stitched a while ago, but had no idea what to do with it. While wandering around Jo-Ann Fabrics I saw the basket and my little wheels started to turn. Anyway, no big deal, but I hate throwing out projects.

Happy Stiching


  1. Love your stitching! Your projects are so cute.


  2. I have a friend whom I'm teaching to say "No"; am I going to have to give you lessons too??? *wink* At least the projects you are taking on will be more fun for you. Your cross-stitched quilt saying is precious, as are the other things. Sounds like you are enjoying your time. ---"Love"

  3. I have to have that cross stitch, the one about quilts!! or at least the to ebay I go! I have one I made that says "Families are like quilts, lives pieced together, stitched with smiles and tears, colored with memories and bound with love"

  4. Good for you finishing things up! I go through phases where I want to finish stuff up, but it is hard to say no sometimes to new projects. I really like the punch needle projects and the patriotic heart.

  5. I really like everything you've done. I'm partial to cross stitch. I keep telling myself it's time to start stitching again. It used to be my salvation, now I sew. Connie204

  6. Your little projects are wonderful. It's always good to get them out of the way, isn't it?

    *glances at pile* - someday I'll get mine under control.


  7. Good for you, getting some things finished. Feels good not to have too many unfinished projects waiting. I love your cross stitch projects, makes me want to pull out my patterns and start one for myself! I just read your other post, glad to hear you got the bent piece for your frame all fixed up!

  8. Love all your stitcheries!! My favorite is the quilting saying. So true! :) Christine